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Luminus PhlatLight LED backlighting grabs a gold award

Steven Kim

No doubt, emissive displays like plasma and OLED get lots of oohs and ahs, but for right now, LCD dominates the market. With plasma moving to the niches and OLED still on the horizon, we're happy to see that innovation in LCD performance keeps on coming. No doubt the biggest innovation we saw last year was the introduction of LED backlighting. Fashion being what it is, though, Luminus Devices' PhlatLight technology -- which puts LEDs along the display edges as opposed to directly behind the panel -- makes it possible bring LED backlighting to increasingly thin cabinets. Personally, we'd go for a slightly thicker display to get HDR capability from our LEDs; but we're on the fringe like that. For its contribution to making thin, evenly backlit, energy efficient LCDs, Luminus will be given the Society of Information Display's Gold Award next week alongside two other gadgets familiar around these parts: the Apple iPhone and Sony XEL-1.

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