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XtremeNotebooks stuffs quad-core X3360 Xeon CPU in Xtreme 917V

Darren Murph

XtremeNotebooks is taking its quad-core Xtreme 917V up a notch by tossing an Intel X3360 Xeon processor in there. Notably, the company is pushing this as the "first US-distributed" lappie to boast such a chip, but we already saw Eurocom reveal its X3360-based D901C PHANTOM-X earlier this week. Semantics aside, prospective buyers can get this mobile server equipped with a Blu-ray burner, RAID 0/1/5 hard drive arrays, twin NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or Quadro FX GPU setups and up to 4GB of RAM. As of this moment, this particular system isn't listed on the outfit's website, but you can probably count on it demanding upwards of three grand -- and yes, that's with the "sweet talking the CSR" discount already factored in.

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