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ASUS prepping to sue Gigabyte over "disinformation"


ASUS is firing up the legal team to address what it perceives as defamation on the part of Gigabyte. In the line of fire is ASUS' Energy Processing Unit, which Gigabyte claims isn't a technological change on the part of ASUS, but instead "numbers marketing" and "cheating end users." Gigabyte says ASUS also misrepresented the energy saving numbers on Gigabyte's competing DES motherboards, and had plenty of other nerdy trash talk for its rival. "How can you believe it? Everything [Asus] say are lies," was the money quote from a Tom's Hardware article on the subject, and ASUS isn't going to take it lying down. "This 'disinformation' is not only extremely damaging to ASUS but also completely misleading to the consumers. ASUS reserves the right to take legal action against any individual, organization or corporation which creates or spreads such rumors." We love a good nerd fight, and this is shaping up into a right proper one.

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