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Learn about Rise of the Argonauts in this video interview

Nick Doerr

Rise of the Argonauts features the mythical Jason on his mythical adventures, acquiring mythical things and accomplishing mythical feats. It's like God of War, but much, much older. This video interview with the game's director, Ed Del Castillo, showcases some pieces of gameplay and cinematic that actually seem rather cool. The Argonauts are described by Castillo as "the X-Men of the Greek Mythology universe" -- something that should pique the interest of many gamers and comic book fans. And Greek myth fans.

You can choose which characters to take with you on different quests to different places and they will alter the choices and experiences you will have -- they might even banter with one another depending on who you choose. There are a lot of consequences for your actions and branching paths, as well. Every character with a name will have a story arc and a series of events relating to the game's path. The graphics might not be the best we've seen, but there's definitely a lot of hidden potential in this game and we'll keep an eye on it.

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