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Mythos Audio unveils Olon speakers

Steven Kim

Pretty striking speakers, right? The Mythos Audio Olon speakers definitely have a "love 'em or hate 'em" appearance, but you've got to respect the work. From the pics, we wouldn't have guessed the cabinets are made out of stacked plywood -- they look a lot better than anything we ever made in wood shop! Weighing in at over 220-pounds, Mythos didn't skimp on the drivers, either. With Scanspeak for the tweeter and midrange, Visaton for the woofer, and a Mundorf Air Motion Transducer super-tweeter (we haven't seen an AMT since some ESS Heil speakers back in the day), these beasts will outperform your ears: 18Hz - 40kHz. It turns out "olon" is Greek for "the whole." Yeah, no kidding. Crazy, imposing and an unnamed unpriced -- we love it.

[Via AudioJunkies]

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