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Sunday Morning Funnies: I'll tickle your soul

Amanda Miller

This week, we have things that suck, users and abusers, opportunists, resourcefulness, and even some creepy happiness. You know that when drawings get emotional, entertaining things happen. If you get bored, you can even read the handful of poor reviews last week's lot was given!

  1. The NPC rebellion still holds, and Dark Legacy Comics's characters must fend for themselves.
  2. Some people just don't like video games. Extra Life.
  3. Shakes and Fidget walk into a dangerous situation and Fidget tries some magery. You know him and magery.
  4. NoObz shows you how to subtly convert your friends to the Warcraft ways.
  5. Supermegatopia shows us daily quests from the other side of the fence.
  6. There are two great comics from Ding! this week. Have you ever wondered about some of those people who queue battlegrounds and then immediately leave? Are they all queue hoppers? Other people have been showing around their orphans. Some, have been using their orphans.
  7. Teh Gladiators are meeting up with some old foes, and Trevor seems unusually happy. You could almost say creepily so.
  8. Disgraph has given us part 2, part 3, and part 3.5 of the Orphan Saga! I'd watch the orphan, because he rocks. Also, it seems there may have been some errors last week when trying to read part one, which I sincerely recommend you do, as I laughed pretty hard.
  9. You should check out the latest LFG. As a side note, which is not necessarily showcased perfectly in this week's comic as much as some others, I've been reading this book. Sometimes I read, you see. At the recommendation of several friends, I picked up a Terry Pratchett book, The Colour of Magic. Now, to continue my ramble, I have always enjoyed LFG's warlock the most, as I'm sure others might agree. To my delight, there is a warlock of sorts in this book that seriously reminds me of this character. Not in any way, shape or form am I suggesting they are related, but if you like one, you should like the other. /ends tangent.
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