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Ted Nugent has a role in Guitar Hero IV


Ted Nugent had something of interest to say regarding fans of the Guitar Hero franchise. During a recent radio interview, The Nuge dropped the bomb that he has been working with the folks behind Guitar Hero IV (he doesn't exactly say it's the fourth installment, but we're pretty sure he isn't talking about Guitar Hero Aerosmith) and will be featured in the game. You can hear it all right here (around 12:30 is when he starts talking about it).

He had a lot of things to say about the whole mo-cap process, as well as his inability to actually play the game, despite his ability to set real frets on fire. Our favorite part of the interview? He said he had to do "a variation of Stranglehold." Man, we love that song.

In fact, let's go ahead and embed it past the post break. Rock out with us, won't you?

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