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ASOCS unveils MP100 Multicomm processor -- add LTE or mobile WiMax via software update


Remember how the BlackBerry Thunder (RIM's rumored touchscreen device) was said to possibly come LTE-ready? An eye-brow raiser for sure since the US networks won't deploy LTE until 2010. Nevertheless, here's how it could be done. ASOCS and Fujitsu just announced what they are calling the "world's first wireless Multicomm processor." The system-on-chip can run up to three wireless air interfaces such as GSM/EDGE/GPRS, WiFi, HD Mobile Digital TV, and GPS concurrently. Better yet, device manufacturers "using ASOCS ModemX technology can ship a single-chip mainstream MultiComms baseband solution in parallel with LTE development and later add LTE as a low-risk software upgrade." Get that? LTE or pretty much any other wireless service added via software update. Hot damn!

[Via Thumb Report]

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