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Dell's CFO resigns, will be replaced by Brian T. Gladden

Darren Murph

Shortly after hearing of rearrangements amongst the XPS / Alienware dev teams, along comes word the outfit's current CFO will be headed out in June. Donald J. Carty (pictured), who was just hired as chief financial officer 1.5 years ago, will be resigning in June and will be replaced by longtime General Electric executive Brian T. Gladden. Mr. Gladden stated that he was "excited to be joining Dell at a time of transformation," and considering the $700,000 annual base salary along with the $2 million signing bonus (amongst other monetary perks), we highly doubt he's fibbing. It should be noted that the Round Rock powerhouse will keep Carty on its board, and that he actually "indicated several months ago that he wanted to retire as CFO."

[Via CNET]

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