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Kingdom Hearts Wii rumor revealed, debunked

Candace Savino

After Nintendo Power used a vague moon picture last month in order to hint at something juicy, speculation ran rampant as to what the next issue's big surprise would be. Leave it to heartbreakers and photoshoppers across the internets to play around with our fragile, Squeenix-loving selves.

Rumors of a Kingdom Hearts Wii have been floating around for quite some time -- that's nothing new. People were starting to believe such talk, though, after a "leaked" cover of the next Nintendo Power issue was "found" on an online subscription form. Putting on our skeptic caps, we immediately came up with a few reasons for why this rumor was false:

  • There's no 20th anniversary badge on the cover
  • There aren't enough headlines and previews (only two, whereas last month's NP had twelve)
  • Nintendo Power rarely (if ever) features the DS in its top banner, making this cover seem more unlikely
In case you're not hip to our sleuthing, though, it was also revealed that the Kingdom Hearts cover art in question came from DeviantArt, of all places. So, if you see this rumor on your vast travels across the internet, we'd advise you not to believe it -- even if it hurts. While we're not saying Kingdom Hearts Wii will never happen, it's clear that this cover is nothing but a fake.

[Via GamerTell]

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