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'Skate' bored? EA teases Skate 2 gameplay twist


Nintendo Wii owners will get a chance to Skate It this fall, but EA hasn't forgotten that those with current-gen HD consoles are also ready for their own follow-up to the game that made the last Tony Hawk look like a turkey. Two new videos posted to the official Skate site -- "What happened to that Dude?" and "What happened to San Vanelona?" -- feature skaters talking up players' feats in the first game and about how the city has changed since then, before heading into some brief gameplay clips and a teaser logo for Skate 2 (above).

According to the skaters in the clips, five years have passed in the gameworld -- Skate's fictional city of San Vanelona -- and large corporations have spearheaded a big-time crackdown on skating. They talk of harsher punishment than mere tickets and how obstacles have been put in place near rails and other prime trick spots to discourage skaters. Still, the second clip shows a skater and his board perched defiantly atop a concrete block with a "No Skateboarding" sign affixed to it. So, skateboarding is a crime after all -- at least in Skate 2 -- and it looks like you'll be sticking it to the man (in this case, big business) a la Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.

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