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Why "Need before Greed" doesn't work


The monster lays dead before you, and now the game is showing you all its treasure, asking you to choose -- Need or Greed? It sounds like such a simple choice. You either need it or you don't. But what if your friend needs it more ... you wouldn't want to take it from her? But what if she doesn't need it at all? Your alt sure could use that, it would be a huge upgrade. The Hunter will roll need for sure. He rolls need on everything! Nobody click anything! Let's talk this over!

Taymar at MMORPG Info wonders if "Need for Greed" really can even work for ANYONE. What with rare crafting components, just plain greedy players, differing opinions of "need" or just wanting to be fair to everyone, "Need before Greed" raises exactly the sort of long discussions that it was supposed to solve, causing endless delays and frustrations. Taymar has some ideas that just might speed things up and cut down on the endless discussions about what is need, and what is just greed.

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