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Xziex makes water out of thin air, angers Harkonnens


We don't know what's going on here exactly, but we're fairly certain they need a load of these on Arrakis, ASAP. Sure, Muad'Dib may be able to summon sandworms and lead an army of Fremen into battle, but he can't make drinkable water out of thin air, can he? That's where the Xziex comes in. Basically, this intimidating "atmospheric water generator" siphons moisture out of the air and converts it into water -- delicious, clean, healthy water. It may not actually live up to the company's claim of "The Most Exciting Product Ever," but if it does what they say, it's a pretty amazing device. Honestly, the Xziex website does cause a little concern, with its calls for readers to "lock in" their "position," and excited passages about earning potential -- but hey, who can blame them for trying to make a buck?

[Via Gearlog]

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