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Age of Conan opens its doors to the bloodthirsty hordes

Michael Zenke

It's been a long time coming - some four and a half years for the developers at Funcom. But finally, finally, the gates to Hyboria open. Today Age of Conan officially launches. We've got an enormous wrap-up of all the recent content we've had here on the site. We've also got a few more pieces up our sleeves for later today, just in case you didn't take the day off of work to play. For the moment, though, you'll have to be happy with Massively's "best of": Age of Conan.
Six reasons to be excited about Age of Conan
Everyone seems to be aware of one or two great features coming with Age of Conan, but we realized that not everybody has a complete view of some of the coolest ones -- which has led us to sort of a blind men and the elephant situation.
Ask Massively: Age of Conan survival guide (for your computer)
I have been playing the Age of Conan beta, and, like you, I had some fairly severe issues with frame rate. I was able to tweak a few settings in the game that improved my game play experience immensely. In fact, it improved it so much that I created a new character and leveled her to 10 in the time it used to take to load a zone in some of the older beta clients.
Player vs. Everything: Age of Conan closed beta impressions
Everyone and their brother seems to be writing about Age of Conan over the last few days, but hopefully you're hungry for a little more. I've spent the last day and a half trying out different classes and playing through the various starting missions, and I'm ready to serve up some impressions.
Read on below the cut for our full coverage roster.

Massively's state of the game: Age of Conan beta
How do you convey the beginning of a journey in words? Journeys are important in so many ways. Not only are they meaningful for the travelers, but for the people that they meet on the way. Age of Conan is just setting out on its own journey into the world of retail and public launch.
Age of Conan beta guide: Your first steps in Hyborea
When you create your character in Age of Conan, you'll end up the tutorial area of Tortage. In typical MMO fashion, you start off with almost nothing in the world, washed up on the beach without a shirt on your back.
Age of Conan beta guide: An early game audio/video tour
You've seen our views on Age of Conan as a whole, and gained a few insights on your first steps into Hyborea via our tutorial. If you're itching to get into the game but still can't, we have something that might help you out.
Age of Conan beta guide: The priests
Continuing our examination of the spellcasting classes in Age of Conan, today we're going to investigate the situation with the priest archetype.
Age of Conan beta guide: The mages
We've given you some hands-on impressions from our time with Age of Conan's mages from the Gamespot PvP weekend, but over the past few days we've had a chance to play these classes in the beta proper.
We built this city: Age of Conan's constructible PvP city system previewed
During the week of GDC we talked briefly about the mounted combat in Age of Conan, part of the demo run for us by Gaute Godager. There was a great deal more to the demo, though, content very much worth talking about.
GDC08: A preview of Age of Conan's wild and wooly mounted combat
Massively had the chance to sit with the Age of Conan developers yesterday, to take in a brand-new preview of the blood-and-guts gameplay due out later this year. One of the highlights of that demo was the chance to see mounted combat in action.
Player vs. Everything: Age of Conan's 250 hours
It's going to take you 250 hours to get to level 80 in Age of Conan. That's the big news today, and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that.
Hands-on with Age of Conan's Barbarian class
Last week at CES, I was able to do a hands on with Age of Conan's Dark Templar class. I also spent a good couple of hours ignoring the dirty looks of conventioneers as I hogged the Barbarian class demo machine as well.
Hands-on with Age of Conan's Dark Templar class
The Consumer Electronics Show has hit Las Vegas in full force. The Massively team is here to roam the corridors of shiny, shiny, shiny gadgetry and ignore it all to to focus entirely on the content that is important to you. And that would be the shininess of Age of Conan.
MMOGology: Age of Conan, PC vs 360
Typically steep system requirements are a barrier to many gamers. However, unlike most other MMOGs, Age of Conan won't be solely available on the PC. Gamers have the unique option of playing AoC on Xbox 360 and possibly on PS3. I'll discuss AoC's system requirements and the pros and cons of both platforms after the break.
Previewing the monsters of Age of Conan
From the trivial to the downright lethal, a large cast of baddies awaits when you step into the world of AoC -- join us for a look at a few of these in our Monsters of Age of Conan feature.
MMOGology: Sex games
Unlike the cartoony World of Warcraft and cutesy Hello Kitty Online, Age of Conan is embracing what they call a "dark, decadent, twisted and corrupt version of Euro-Asian history." Aside from the prominent head lopping and blood letting we're also getting a side dish of sex; something we haven't really seen before in a prominent, commercial MMOG.
Twelve trails of blood in Age of Conan
Over the years of its development cycle Age of Conan has seen a lot of class changes and mergers. After all this time Funcom has settled on providing players with four archetypes that each have three classes to pick from, resulting in a total of 12 classes.
An all things Age of Conan interview with Jørgen Tharaldsen
Within this interview you'll discover the skinny on matters of whether or not pre-order customers really are getting early access, user interface customization, system requirements and all sorts of other topics that we're sure you'll find very interesting.

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