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CoX Issue 12: Midnight Hour goes live!

Adrian Bott

Today at 6.00 AM CDT, earlier than many players were expecting, the live servers for City of Heroes went down to be patched with the latest Issue: number 12, Midnight Hour. According to lead developer Matt Miller, the testing process has been 'surprisingly smooth' and the live rollout is bang on schedule. Full patch notes are now available including some significant changes to trial accounts, which should stymie RMT considerably.

CoX players can now enjoy all the new features, including long awaited Villain Epic Archetypes, the new Midnighter Club content, the beautiful Ancient Mediterranean zone of Cimerora, the vast number of new power combinations available through Powerset Proliferation, and of course the numerous Quality of Life improvements. These last have been so well received that some players have likened the experience to playing a whole new game.

Extra character slots are now available for purchase. Veteran players will also find they can now redeem their free bonus slots, meaning they can start playing a brand new character even if their favorite server was completely full before.

Issue 12 was originally expected to be a content-light piece, but all that changed when revenue from the Wedding Pack enabled Villain Epic Archetypes to be fitted in early. With all the new goodies, and especially with the stunning Imperious Task Force giving some major surprises content-wise along with a demanding final fight, it's now looking like one of the best issues for CoX yet.

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