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EA's Paul Barnett pegs the Wii as the first MMO-friendly console

Michael Zenke

Both Microsoft and Sony have big plans for the MMO genre on their respective consoles. Games like Huxley and Age of Conan are slated for the 360, and NCsoft's pairing with the Japanese hardware giant could mean any number of new games for the PlayStation 3. The console company that has remained silent on the MMO front so far is, of course, Nintendo. The Wii hardly seems like the ideal platform for a massively multiplayer experience, the possibilities of Pokemon aside.

Just the same, EA Mythic's Paul Barnett recently singled out Nintendo as the most likely to capitalize on the console possibilities of MMOs. Barnett notes that the dominance of one game has resulted in very specific thinking about the genre. As a result, game makers are having trouble concepting an online experience to be console-based from the ground up. Nintendo, Barnett feels, could overcome this hurdle. "The best example I can find for a perpetual online console game is Rock Band, with it Xbox Live community store. It's somewhere in there. I don't know what it is, but that's perhaps the closest I've seen to convincing console people to do things together, to do things online, to do things that cost money, to earn income."

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