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Embarq considering offing its wireless customer base next year

Chris Ziegler

While Qwest looks to revamp its wireless offerings in an effort to get 'em in the black, fellow landline specialist Embarq is contemplating killing its cellphones altogether. The Sprint spinoff's CFO mentioned last week that it's going to continue to serve its meager wireless customer base until at least 2009, but after that, it may look to move them to another carrier. How meager are we talking here, exactly? At last count, it had netted just 112,000 customers, well short of the company's goal of one million -- and presumably, well short of being a worthwhile venture. And hey, when the "best" phone in Embarq's range is the Sanyo Katana II, we think we're already noticing part of the problem.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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