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Fujitsu's latest MHZ2 HDDs can't stop, won't stop under continuous operations

Darren Murph

Fujitsu has a MHZ2 for nearly any application: hardcore security, tight spaces and now continuous operations. The 2.5-inch MHZ2-BK (7,200 RPM) and MHZ2-BS (5,400 RPM) SATA drives are being offered up in sizes as large as 250GB, and as you could likely guess, they'll keep right on keepin' on even under heavy nonstop loads. Designed specifically for use in "business critical and industrial applications that require higher storage capacity," these HDDs are meant to survive the most grueling of tasks, though we're not specifically told what all they actually can live through. Nevertheless, trusting souls can snap up a couple of the MHZ2-BS units right now (pricing not disclosed), while the quicker MHZ2-BK series won't be available until July.

[Via Physorg]

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