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G4 re-airs MMO show "Portal"


As part of a thank you note to its fans, videogame-themed television brand G4 has announced that it will bring back a host of favorite past shows for the Summer. Among these shows are the classics Arena, Judgement Day, and Portal. For those who missed it the first time around, Portal is the story of a guy named Dave, who was responsible for managing the Hub, an entrance to the various online MMO worlds of the day.

The shows will re-air beginning June 2nd as the G4 Rewind series, and will run until August 29th. Given that there are considerably more MMOs available these days, it's possible that Portal could enjoy a second chance, depending on its reception with the viewing audience. If this happens, we'd bet the show will have to rename itself to avoid confusion with the Valve game of the same name. Sure, the show came first, but walk into any geek gathering and see which property gets the recognition when mentioned.

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