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Garmin to BlackBerry owners: a hundred bucks and you'll never get lost again

Chris Ziegler

As great as on-device navigation can be, the monthly fee can be really hard to swallow, especially considering that dedicated nav units offer all the functionality (or the most important parts, anyway) free of ongoing charges. Granted, services like TeleNav offer ongoing map updates, traffic maps, weather conditions, and so on -- but for many, the $10 pop every 30 days doesn't justify itself. Enter Garmin -- the 800-pound gorilla of dedicated nav units -- with its new lifetime service for BlackBerrys, promising all the spoils of Garmin's mobile navigation service for as long as customers own their trusty GPS-equipped BlackBerry for $99.99. Folks that find themselves investing in a new phone every six months need not apply, obviously, but for those who consider their marriage to a particular BlackBerry to be a long-term commitment, this might be a nice little proposition.

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