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Gunmetal MGS4 bundle spotted on

Jem Alexander

So confused. It's only been a number of hours since we told you that there will be no gunmetal Metal Gear Solid 4 hardware bundle in the UK. Imagine our surprise, then, when one of our commenters linked us to a pre-order page on for exactly that. There's no written info on the page and the only thing that's for certain is that the PS3 will have a 40GB hard drive and that it's exclusive to That's if it exists at all.

We're not sure whether to believe Konami PR (via Gamespot) or If you're in the market for a kick-ass looking PS3 + MGS4 for a pretty decent price (£329), then get your pre-order in. The worst that can happen is that send out a few "whoops!" emails. Worth a try though, right?

[Thanks Scott]

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