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Pit is back, in plush form


Judging by her gallery, DeviantARTist VioletLunchell seems to specialize in these chibi-style plushes, and her latest piece of work, this Pit plushie, will resonate with anyone who found themselves turned off by the recent batch of alleged concept art for the alleged Wii game.

The artist herself confesses to "[not knowing] anything about video games," but she's done a fairly awesome job here -- this blogger would love one of these to place next to his numerous Pikmin plushes, but sadly this was a one-off commission piece. Probably a good thing, really. There comes a time when a man of 28 really has enough plushes.

[Thanks, YaYaLuvsCupcakes!]

Being the soft, sensitive types that we are, we love our plushes here at Wii Fanboy. Nothing is exempt from our plushie love -- and that includes Metroids, Chocobos, Rabbids, and the Wii itself. We even adore the ugly and gruesome ones.

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