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Blogo 1.1 emerges from Brainjuice


Attention all bloggers! The nerd bunnies at Brainjuice have just released Blogo 1.1, the latest take on their Mac OS X blogging tool. Blogo 1.1 now includes support for Drupal and Twitter in addition to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, typo, and MovableType.

The new Twitter support allows users to post tweets and direct messages from Blogo, and can even send a tweet whenever you post. Brainjuice has fixed some existing issues, as well as adding these new features:

  • Support for raw image formats
  • Integration with NetNewsWire and Safari
  • Use of Growl for all user notifications
  • New text formatting options (quotes, lists, aligned, justified)
  • Custom cropping of thumbnails independently of the full-size images
To give Blogo 1.1 a try, download a 21-day unlimited trial or purchase the app for $25.

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