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City of Heroes lead developer Matt Miller interviewed

Adrian Bott

Our friends over at have posted a lengthy interview with Matt 'Positron' Miller, lead developer for City of Heroes and City of Villains. This comes just in time for the live launch of Issue 12: Midnight Hour.

Matt gives us the rundown of Midnight Hour, hinting at future storylines and assuring players that there's a very long game being played here. The seeds of future adventures are being planted right now. There's even a hint that the task force recipe drop award system, currently causing some dissatisfaction, is to be revamped. Quite right, too - who wants to undergo a whole Task Force just to get a measly Trap of the Hunter recipe instead of an endurance and health-boosting Numina's Convalescence?

If you've been involved with the beta testing then some of the information won't be new to you, but there's still a lot here to get your teeth into. There's an interesting comment regarding water powers that we found especially provocative given our recent diving expedition in Cimerora. We're not going to commit to any predictions just yet, but if there's going to be more time travelling in the future and the rumors prove true, then we'd certainly like to see an Atlantis zone.

Read Jakob Paulsen's full interview with Matt Miller over at

[Thanks, Captain Denmark!]

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