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Disney set to close Virtual Magic Kingdom today

Michael Zenke

Last month it was announced that Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom would be closing down. Fans rallied around their online escape, while the company claimed that the project was actually years overdue for a shutdown. The LA Times is reporting that Mickey's online abode will shut down at close of business today. Speaking to the newspaper, president of the Walt Disney Internet Group Steven Wadsworth offered that the project 'never achieved scale.' The company never had plans to monetize it, and the small but loyal audience it's developed was never intended.

The Times piece also speaks to folks on the other side of the equation, including a young fan of the world with neuromuscular disease. Her experiences in the world were uplifting - she even celebrated her birthday there, apparently. "At Disney, we'd rather do anything in the world than disappoint a guest," said John Spelich, a Disney Internet Group spokesman. "But we hope our VMK players will choose to sample some of the other ways to engage with Disney online through or through virtual worlds."
[Via Worlds in Motion]

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