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Guitar Hero World Tour is officially official

Dustin Burg

Finally, after what seems like months of magazine scans confirming its existence, Activision just officially announced the next true installment in the Guitar Hero franchise (you don't count Aerosmith), originally dubbed Guitar Hero IV, will now officially be known as Guitar Hero World Tour.

As expected, World Tour will add singing and drum playing to the mix, featuring what they call the best drum set peripheral EVAR, a reworked guitar peripheral and Acti promising that all peripherals will be wireless as well. With features like a Band Career Mode, online integration and the ability to record and share music, Activision is also touting World Tour's track list which they admit will be the largest list of any GH game featuring bands like Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles and Sublime.

So, now that it's official and we have some concrete deets, do you think World Tour will give Rock Band some competition and will you be checking out World Tour later this year?

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