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Guitar Hero World Tour officially unveiled

Majed Athab

Guitar Hero World Tour was just officially unveiled with this new promotional video. It looks like the guys at RedOctane are really going to war with Rock Band reinventing the series by adding in"the most realistic drums" and microphone support. The drum set for Guitar Hero (does something sound funny with this sentence?) will include two extra cymbals on top of the regular drum pads and bass pedal found in the Rock Band one.

World Tour also has apparently taken hold of the idea to "record and release your own single" and will integrate user-created content into the game. At least this is one innovation to be found in World Tour that Rock Band hasn't already covered. Forgive us if we're being cynical, but the idea that Guitar Hero wants to further divide the market along with Konami makes us wonder if any of these new titles will be successful. World Tour and Konami's band game will both hit retailers sometime in Fall 2008. It'll be most fun to watch these two clones cannibalize each other.

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