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Killzone 2 delay a 'pure management decision'


A statement by Sony PR on the PlayStation Blog clarifies some details about Killzone 2's delay to February 2009 and confirms that the game is also being released in North America that month (previously, that date had only been confirmed for Europe). Sony's Ron Eagle explains that the game was intentionally delayed because the fall release calendar was already full.

Eagle points out that if Killzone 2 was released this fall, it would be the third shooter in the PS3 marketplace (joining SOCOM and Resistance 2) fighting for retail dollars, so the decision was made to push its release into the new year (how'd they decide which to delay -- flip a coin?). Eagle insists that "there is nothing wrong" with Killzone and the so-called delay is a "pure management decision." If holiday 2008 is anything like last year, our wallets are already thankful to the management for the breathing room.

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