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Lost in Blue to wash ashore this fall

Candace Savino
Blurry English screens were a big indication that Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked! was being localized outside of Japan, and Konami already announced a fall target for the game in North America. The company recently offered a European projection as well, though. Apparently, PAL nations (perhaps not Australia) can expect Shipwrecked! in the fall, too, along with the third title in the DS series.

Famitsu also has some new screens for the game, which may not be blurry but definitely don't live up to the Wii's graphical powers. As for the gameplay, the images give you a sense of what kind of survival activities Lost in Blue will demand from you, and reveal a cute mouse-like creature that the castaways seem to befriend. Just click on past the break if you'd like to take a look.

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Source: Lost in Blue to Europe this fall
Source: Famitsu screens

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