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NoE's Laurent Fischer explains European Brawl delay


Nintendo's Laurent Fischer, who you all know doesn't believe in casual gaming, recently talked with ONM about the long delay between Smash Bros. Brawl's release here in the states, back in March, and its impending June release in Europe. Turns out, most of the delay can be attributed to localization.

"So localisation issues are one part of the delay, but you also have production issues, logistic issues... so a release date is always the result of a large number of factors, and it's a complex decision process," he explains. "It's not that we deliberately like to be late in Europe, and it's our job to take care of it, but to localise in six languages is always a challenge." Personally, we can imagine how all of that text would be a pain to translate.

Fischer also went on to further elaborate on the long waits Europeans usually have to suffer. "I realise that from time to time we have still been disappointing some people, but in general we have also been able to bring to them games which would have never been available before in a European market, and the time frame is slowly decreasing, so I'm positive for the future. We know that we are still not reaching the expectations of all the people, but we're really doing our best to resolve this."


[Via CVG]

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