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Rumor: Simultaneous iPhone 2.0 release for Korea, Japan


3G iPhone rumors are like summer evening mosquitoes: very annoying but also impossible to ignore. Fortune is the most recent buzzing in our ears with a report that the next major iPhone release will include Korea and Japan at the same time.

Specifically, tech news coming from Korea suggests that Apple is in talks with NTT DoCoMo of Japan and Korea's own Telecom Freetel. Both are big players in the 3G market in that part of the world. In fact, NTT DoCoMo is credited with having pioneered 3G mobile phone technology.

Both Korea and Japan are huge markets that Cupertino would certainly love to grab hold of. Of course, this will all be clear in just a few weeks. Most likely.

Now, where's the insect repellent?

[Via MacDailyNews]

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