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A look at the Turan race in Requiem: Bloodymare


The Temperions are the player characters of Gravity Interactive's Requiem: Bloodymare. They are the poor souls who are condemned to fight the horrors that their world has been invaded by. Temperions are divided into three races: the human-seeming Turan, the mesomorphic Bartuk, and the wraithlike Kruxena. If you choose to play as a Turan, you're going to enjoy the inclusive, versatile skillset of the best-balanced race in R:B. From Gravity:

The Turan Race fights with honor and virtue. They rely on cunning, speed and agility to do battle with the most horrifying creatures known to man. No wonder they are the representative race of Ethergia – no other race displays such valor in the face of danger. It takes courage to be human in a world filled with monsters.

Check out the latest screenshots of the Turan in action. Note: There will be blood.

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