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Riccitiello buys $1 million in EA stock

Ross Miller

Showing the man has a little bit of confidence in his company, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has bought 20,000 shares of stock at $48.37 apiece, totaling approximately $967,400. According to Barron's Online (subscription required), this is the second purchase he's made since becoming chief in March 2007. He now owns 47,294 shares and about 75,000 exercisable options.

Said a spokesperson, "John believes that senior executives should be invested in the company." The stock was as high as 54.57 on May 13, the day they reported a $454 million loss in Fiscal 2008. Of course, if he's still confident in the inevitability of the Take-Two takeover, those shares will probably rise a good bit. Speaking of which, the third extension for the Take-Two offer now puts the deadline at June 16.

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