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aTV: plug and play Apple TV hacking

Mat Lu

If you have an Apple TV and are interested in some of the exciting things you can do by hacking it (e.g. adding additional video codec support like divx, etc.) but have been too chicken to try it yourself, you may be interested in the aTV Flash from Apple Core. Basically the aTV Flash is a patchstick -- a USB flash drive preloaded with software to modify the Apple TV OS. You just plug it in to your Apple TV and it automatically hacks your Apple TV to add multiple codec support, SSH access, the Couch Surfer browser, and much more.

The aTV Flash is compatible with the current Apple TV Take Two and they offer free updates for a year. However, all this convenience will cost you -- $59.95 to be precise. It's also worth keeping in mind that all of this can be done for little or no cost if you want to get your hands dirty. But if the convenience of a plug and play option is worth it to you the aTV Flash may be worth checking out.

[via MacMerc]

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