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Battle of the 'Bams!': Resistance 2 vs. Killzone 2


Sony has two major FPS offerings on tap for releases in the next nine-odd months, both of which have plenty of similarities – not the least of which are their sci-fi trimmings. But how do they differ from one another ... or stack up against other big titles in the genre? Enter MTV's Multiplayer, who have put together a nice comparative feature on the two games, covering points such as visuals, gameplay, and overall themes. Oh, and the abundance of earth tones, of course.

Is there room on PS3 for two similar first-party titles? We say "yes," and "please make sure they're better than Haze." Read on for Multiplayer's observations, along with some developer insight on Sony's positioning of both first-person battles against creepy creatures and ... Space Nazis.

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