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Cinemassively: World of WifeCraft

Moo Money

(Viewers be warned that this video contains plenty of bleeped language and some innuendo.)

Have you ever thought about what would happen if real life worked like World of Warcraft? The crew put that to the test in their sketch comedy, World of Wifecraft. We particularly enjoyed the reference to the legend that is Leeroy Jenkins.

When the wives get fed up with their WoW playing ways, they bring their husbands to a special doctor, who tells them to "level up" with their spouses. However, the guys soon discover that it's not so easy to win their way back into the hearts of their significant others. Will they complete their quests and get to level 40, or will they realize that they are no match for their level 70 wives?

[Thanks, Drewbie!]

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