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D3 loses their minds in Detroit Metal City


Detroit Metal City is a manga series about a mild-mannered Japanese teacher who joins a metal band and instantly becomes totally metal (in the KISS style, not in the Scandinavian killing-people style). D3 Publisher has wisely decided to take the manga, which we've never seen, and make it into an insane kabuki-rock music minigame RPG thing called Detroit Metal City DS: Death Shout.

The performance modes seem (from the comic/3D style and the single screen we have of the interface) to rip off Ouendan pretty openly, but we can't bring ourselves to get outraged. The minigames range from lyric-writing to whatever the hell this is, and that can't be described as anything but original.

Besides, we want to play an Ouendan game about decadent hair-metal performance. We desperately want this RPG about defeating rival bands to be awesome.

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