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Film-focused game dev Brash loses president, hope

Jason Dobson

Nicholas Longano, co-founder and former president at film-centric game developer Brash Entertainment, has parted ways with the company according to a Daily Variety report, as well as scooped up by Newsweek's own N'Gai Croal. While the executive will keep an interest in the company as an investor, he'll no longer steer the ship and its focus on creating "high quality theatrical based games." Instead, that duty for the time being will fall to CEO Mitch Davis, who founded the company along with Longano just one year ago.

Brash, which currently has movie-to-game deals in place with Lair dev Factor 5 and Yoshiki Okamoto's studio Game Republic, as well as a game based on gore-porn film franchise Saw, hasn't come forward with an official reason for the executive's quick exit. However, we remain unconvinced that the road to prosperity is paved in movie licenses, as the company's two existing releases, namely Alvin & the Chipmunks and Jumper: Griffin's Story, were both panned by critics. Additionally, while the former achieved decent sales, the report notes that the Jumper tie-in managed to sell just a measly 16,000 copies since it was released.

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