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First retail patch notes for Age of Conan released

Michael Zenke

It's been less than a week since Age of Conan launched, and today we're seeing the first patch to the retail game. That they're patching so soon isn't unusual in the slightest; as a newly-launched title Conan will probably see a number of tweaks and updates over the next month or so. It is unusual in two ways, though. First, Funcom has chosen to release this patch on a Friday, going directly against an old MMO-management adage. Second, the patch notes are locked behind the paid-subscriber's only area of the official forums.

For your edification, the notes are located below the cut. So far, no major updates to report in their patching scheme. That might depend on your point of view, though. The players stuck in the Lacheish Plains are no longer confined to that area. No further players should be 'stuck' their either. Atzel's Fortress has been tweaked, and crafting has received a number of minor adjustments. The Tempest of Set class has had their Spellweaving privileges revoked while the developers work out what's wrong. Just a hint to the Setites: lead with your left hand.

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Age of Conan 05/23/08 Patch Notes


  • Characters should no longer get stuck when they zone into Lacheish Plains.
  • Nalla now has a more solid supply of items to sell.
  • Potent Bittersharp potion now again heals hitpoints instead of stamina
  • King Atzel have gotten a revamp. Buff spells have been redone he uses combos.
  • The patrols in Atzel's Fortress now respawn faster
  • Destiny Quest 80 Cimmeria: The Grim Grey God - The Soul Chamber - Charm of Protection now works again inside Onyx Chambers.
  • Invading the Supply Camp: It is now possible to trick Supply Master Vorgir to come out of his tent by destroying his ale cask.
  • Xan's Bounty: A message in the bottle will now send you on a journey to kill an ape queen on a distant island near White Sands.
  • Recipes should no longer disappear when you get advanced skills.
  • Armorsmith crafting Tier 2 now shows second page of recipes.
  • The price Tamder mentions when players get gemcutting quests is now correct.
  • Resources gathered now end up in the correct inventory again if more than one player is gathering the same resource.
  • Spellweaving has been temporarily disabled for Tempest of Set due to a recent bug.

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