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Resident Evil 5 to have pop-in co-op, flashbacks, more

Nick Doerr

UK magazine Xbox World 360 (we are not dyslexic) and GamesRadar (link seems to lead nowhere now, but just in case we've got it for you) revealed quite a few juicy bits about Resident Evil 5. Do you remember the new female character seen in Famitsu scans? She's guided by AI when playing solo, but like in Army of Two, if you're online, anyone can jump in at any time and play some co-op with you.

Also revealed to return is the "Mercenaries" mini-game from Resident Evil 4. A few more features/tweaks were mentioned as well: still no strafing, but a cover system has been implemented so you can press against walls and/or shoot around corners. You can now also dodge and duck using the right analog stick.

Stop now if you don't want to read any spoilers at all about the game. We don't want to write them, but we feel obligated to. Consider a small part of us dying as we type these. The game takes place in a small African country near a line of active volcanoes stretched across Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Volcanic activity is what unleashes the virus upon the masses. Classic characters abound -- Sherry Birkin and Albert Wesker have been confirmed -- with playable flashbacks to fill in some story bits otherwise untold.

Look for the game in 2009, the preview concludes. We said it would be out in fiscal year '08, which goes into March of '09. So, look for the game in March. Then delayed to September. Just kidding!

[via 1UP]

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