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Sam & Max Season 3 coming early 2009, Telltale interested in XBLA, PS3

Ross Miller

Holy sandpaper grinding against the rough side of cactus on the fourth Friday of the month! In an interview with The BBPS, Telltale's Emily Morganti confirms that Season 3 of Sam & Max isn't due out until 2009. The previous two seasons were released 387 days apart, so it comes as a bummer to all of us who had already marked our calendars (with a permanent marker, no less!) for Sunday, November 31, 2008.

Morganti also said that the company is interested in bringing Sam & Max to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 in addition to the already-announced Wii-lease. "Our tools currently allow us to develop for PC, Xbox 360, and Wii," she said, later adding, "We're interested in PlayStation, also... we want our games to be everywhere!" Morganti also answered a question about Sam & Max's chances of coming to the Mac ... but the answer is just too painful for us to write about.

[Via X3F]

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