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Abertay University researchers create training game for Scotland cops

Whenever we think of training simulators for the local boys and girls in blue, one arcade classic always comes to mind -- the appropriately titled Police Trainer. We had the occasional desire to protect and serve as we effortlessly moved through the games virtual ranks; it was only later we discovered that cops are rarely called upon to shoot multicolored balls from the sky, nor are they required to play simple matching games using their trusty peacemakers.

A more "realistic" (see: less fun) simulator from researchers out of Abertay University in Scotland recently received some press when the game's creators suggested it for training purposes for Scotland's Finest. The sim's focus on making on-the-fly decisions on whether to shoot a dangerous suspect or hold fire would certainly come in handy for officers (and, consequently, for those not accidentally shot). The Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland have been hesitant to adopt the new simulation, however, relying solely on repeated viewings of the Guttenberg classic "Police Academy" for all training purposes.

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