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Final Fantasy IV trailer gets English subtitles

We here at Joystiq HQ are, as you might imagine, savvy world travelers, and therefore have a vast knowledge of the languages of many countries. Swedish, Italian, Esperanto -- one of us (we shall not reveal who) is even fluent in Klingon. Unfortunately, Japanese is one of our weaker subjects, thus a majority of the promotional material for Squeenix and Matrix Software's (the guys who made the DS remake of FFIII) recreation of the 1991 SNES role-playing classic Final Fantasy II (or IV, for purists) has largely gone over our heads.

Luckily for us, this astonishing trailer created from promotional footage already released in Japan comes with English subtitles -- not that words would be required to appreciate the visuals featured in this preview. Regardless of whether those CGI cutscenes make their way into the handheld package, the game's 3D models look fantastic, filling us with unbridled desire for some old-school crystal hunting. July 22 can not come soon enough.

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