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Full Empyrean Age rank list exhibited in dev blog

Samuel Axon

Soon, EVE Online's entire galaxy will be sucked into the black hole of war. This is good news for pilots; wartime is the best time to make a name for yourself. EVE's Empyrean Age expansion adds the framework for catastrophic, galactic factional warfare. And for players looking for recognition for their victories, a ranking system will be deployed as well.

The latest post at EVE's dev blog describes the ranking system in detail, and lists every single rank (and each rank's associated insignia) for all four factions. From Amarr's Paladin Crusader to Caldari's First Lieutenant and Gallente's Shield Commander, all the way up to the Minmatar rank of Valklear General, they're all there for your examination.

CCP's Ginger also noted that the team is exploring ideas ("these are not promises") like "tying [ranks] into dungeons in space and adding additional equipment and ships to the loyalty store that will only be available at certain ranks."

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