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Gamestop sponsors driver in NASCAR Nationwide Series

Fans of high speed circular driving and pre-owned video games will be pleased to see a familiar sight at the NASCAR Nationwide Series at the Dover International Speedway on May 31 -- a Gamestop sponsored stock car, driven by the fresh faced Joey Logano. Gamestop debuted the young driver to the racing world today by celebrating Logano's eighteenth birthday (the required age for NASCAR drivers), and presented the new adult with an Xbox 360 and an advance copy of NASCAR '09 (for training purposes, we assume).

We don't anticipate Logano to set any records at his debut race -- apparently, his pit crew has been instructed to ask if he'd like to exchange his old tires for trade-in credit at every stop, then ask if he wants the one-year warranties on his new tires, and finally, if he'd like to reserve additional tires for any upcoming pit stops.

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