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Water Games Technologies Red Diamond bath tub features HDTVs, cellular control

Nilay Patel

We're no strangers to out-there bathroom fixtures, but the $47,000 Red Diamond bathtub from Water Games Technologies is probably a new low high in powder room decadence. The screaming-red tub features multicolor lighting, a computer-controlled heating system that maintains your desired water temperature, an automatic disinfection system and built-in massager. Of course, that's what any peasant's tub offers -- the real action is in the two retractable HDTVs, Swarovski-encrusted champagne holder, and built-in GSM module that lets you call your bathtub and get things ready for some splashy time from afar. No word on availability, but if you're in the market we're certain your butler can figure it out for you.

[Via Born Rich]

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