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Around Azeroth: Hail to the king, baby


What's the best part of finishing an instance? The pride of killing a final boss? Admiring your new gear? Not having to listen to the tank call the healers "lol gay noobs" anymore? (Note: As you can tell from the comments, some people believed this was a slur against gay people. It was a reference to a previous article and my strong dislike for others using "gay" as a negative adjective. I have added a link and this note to clarify. If you REALLY want to get upset about homophobia, read the comments on the linked article ...) Or posing in the boss's chamber and proclaiming yourself Lord of the Instance? Having cleared (as best I can tell) Blackrock Depths -- an accomplishment in and or itself -- Eriolanna of <Steel Legion> on Darkspear has decided to take the throne. However, judging by the size of her "subject's" sword, I suspect that a coup may be in the future.

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