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Comcast flier all but confirms U-verse in Tennessee

Darren Murph

Not even a full week after Tennessee's governor signed a particular cable franchising bill into law, along comes this mysterious flier from Comcast. Now, we know things can get pretty heated between rivals, but this just seems downright bizarre -- if it's not some sort of elaborate prank, of course. From what we can gather, Comcast has been circulating this here flier around, which clearly points out that AT&T "has been installing 52B Cabinets in Nashville and Middle Tennessee for the last several months." It also notes that said boxes are used for distributing its U-verse television service, in case there was any doubt. Apparently Comcast is hoping to create an internal map of all possible distribution points in order to bring the hurt where it matters most, but we must say this seems like quite the stretch to get a leg-up. Ah, the sweet smell of competition.

[Thanks, Martian]

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