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Cyanide Studios unveils Dungeon Party

Michael Zenke

All the way from beautiful Paris, France comes word of a brand-new MMO. Called Dungeon Party, it's a head-to-head team battle title that will pit teams of five players against each other in a race to the bottom of a dank and dirty dungeon. Six character classes will be offered when the game launches, with equipment further customizing character looks and abilities. At the end of the race is the labyrinth's treasure horde, which players have to not only obtain - but survive to carry out of the maze. The opposing team as well as traps and monsters will block their path.

The title has apparently been in-development for some time, and the developers at Cyanide Studios plan to open the game up to Beta testers this summer. Future plans include regular tournaments with 'higher intensity' dungeons and a real-time ranking system. We'll follow this game as it heads towards public playtesting later this year.

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