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Jail time given to Chinese pirate server operators


In the continuing war against pirate servers, three Chinese men have been given jail sentences for running a ZT Online server.

Chen Jian, the main builder of the server, has been sentenced to one year in jail, while his accomplices, Shi Zunkai and Sun Jun, were given ten months and nine months respectively. Also included in the final sentence was a fine of 60,000 RMB to be paid to Giant Interactive as damages for the activities of the server.

Over at Virtually Blind, the blog that discusses virtual law, the story continues with a discussion of the threat that pirate servers pose, if operators will move their activities to countries with less stringent laws, and if pirate servers could affect a game like Second Life. Virtually Blind has brought up one excellent point in these discussions - are pirate servers really hurting the game's market? With lackluster support, poor connections, and tweaks and changes that can drastically differ from the main game, does it not introduce new players to the game world, get them hooked enough to enjoy the game but then wish for better support and eventually move to buying and paying for the game?

No answer has yet been found, but the discussion at Virtually Blind is worth a read. Drop over there and check it out for more information.

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